Forging Literary Ideas into Gems

Books from Concept to Completion

You have an idea for a novel? An action-packed thriller?

How about a non-fiction book on a personal passion? Or perhaps you want to document and publish your own unique story for posterity?

If you’ve always dreamt of writing – putting thoughts on your favorite subjects on paper – but are not sure how to go about such a daunting and exhilarating project, Sand Scribes will help turn your literary dream into a published book.

If you’re new to publishing, but have a big or small idea, we will support and guide you on your literary journey. If you already have a manuscript, Sand Scribes can help you hone structure, technique and style and undertake a meticulous edit to focus your text.

Sand Scribes know all about telling stories. Brian Gruber and Tom Vater have spent their professional writing lives traveling the world, working in a myriad of creative industries and literary genres. Henry Roi has worked a publicist for independent writers and fiction imprints for the past six years.

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Brian has published a globetrotting romance novel, an oral history, and a book on jazz fusion, and runs a writing group on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Tom has published crime fiction as well as reportage for media in the United States, England, France, Germany and elsewhere for 25 years. He has edited more than 30 crime novels along with several non-fiction titles.

Sand Scribes offer a unique, start-to-finish range of vital services that pave your way to a published book: one-on-one coaching while you craft your story, seasoned editing to make your work shine, advice on key writing issues during your literary journey, book cover design and formatting, publishing consulting and hands-on self-publishing support and, crucially, a set of proven programs for marketing your title.