Sand Scribes Tailor-Made Packages

The Book Birthing Package – $1,500

You have a brilliant idea for a book. But you’re not sure how to get started. Or finished. Brian Gruber’s one-on-one coaching process will guide you from the opening paragraphs of your story to demonstrate, in easy-to-follow steps, how to achieve your literary dream. Part cheerleader, part accountability partner, part editorial reviewer, and part publishing consultant, Brian helps fine-tune your writing process and your vision for your completed work. As a long-time marketing executive, entrepreneur, and creative mentor, Brian helps you sustain your vision, discipline, and expanding skill set, as you execute your project through the final design and publishing process.

The Spit & Polish Package – From  $1,200*

You have a manuscript. You’ve just finished writing the last page, or you’ve been through too many edits to remember. But no book is ever quite ready for publication without another set of mindful, thorough eyes. Editor Tom Vater will go through your manuscript word by word, line by line, to assure continuity. Tom will work with you on language and structure until your text shines. A prolific, widely published journalist, best-selling author and seasoned editor, Tom’s masterful command of language, structure and storytelling techniques will take your work to higher ground.

*(depending on word count and complexity of editing needs)

The Concept to Completion Package – From $2,900*

With Sand Scribes, authors can harness an integrated coaching and editing experience with support in building a text, then molding it into perfect shape. Writing coach Brian Gruber and editor Tom Vater will help you realize your project during an energized, supported creative journey. Committing to the package from the outset ensures that Tom works closely with you in tandem with Brian to shape and refine your story throughout the coaching process to final copy edit.

*(depending on word count and complexity of editing needs)

The Full Monty Package – From $3,500*

From the moment you embark on your book writing journey, no matter the subject, the Full Monty Package delivers an all-in-one ‘first sentence to hard copy’ service to help you create a physical object with your name on the cover and your editorial vision on the printed page. Coaching, editing, interior and exterior book design, formatting, marketing, plus assistance with self-publishing and a year of online support from Brian and Tom will catapult your title from your imagination into the marketplace.

*(depending on word count and complexity of editing needs)

The Book Explorer Package – $500
If you want to get an insight on how you might get your book idea into shape and onto the market, Sand Scribes offer a month’s worth of coaching and editorial sessions from Brian and Tom, which will send you, trained and well-equipped, on your journey towards publication.