Sand Scribes Services


Brian Gruber brings a practical focus to your creative project and will guide you from your first page to your last in thirteen concise personal masterclasses with editorial input from Tom Vater. Brian will cover all the mysteries of the writing process, with personalized support, to help you create your story with the highest quality resources.


To ensure that your prose befits the material – whether your work is factual or highly stylized, deeply personal, or outrageously irreverent – writer and editor Tom Vater will go through your text with the finest of toothcombs to make it shine, shine, shine. Plotting, point of view, tenses, styles, language and continuity issues will be addressed in detail.

Design & Formatting

Sand Scribes will design the book cover, with your input and suggestions in mind, and will take care of formatting the title for print and all key ebook formats.


Sand Scribes will help you self-publish your book on and other online retail platforms, with a retail price that you decide and royalties paid directly into your account. Sand Scribes’U.S.-based marketing manager Henry Roi will help get you reviews, blog posts, and interviews.

Brian Gruber, Tom Vater and Henry Roi bring almost 70 years of writing, publishing, and book marketing experience together to offer professional, well-researched strategies that touch on all aspects of publishing your book.