Who are the Sand Scribes?

Brian Gruber is an American author and writing coach living on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. Brian was the first head of marketing at C-SPAN, where he hosted live call-in shows with national thought leaders. He founded FORA.tv, a network webcasting the world’s leading public forums, interviewing authors from Christopher Hitchens to Norman Mailer and Malcolm Gladwell. Gruber has crowdfunded two globetrotting writing tours: “WAR: The Afterparty” explored the aftermath of a half century of U.S. military interventions; and the current “Surmountable” project gathered interviews from activists from four continents on the art of protest. His recent “Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s: Billy Cobham on Jazz Fusion and the Act of Creation” received widespread acclaim in the jazz world. Brian has coached several dozen aspiring writers and runs a weekly writer’s group.


Tom Vater is a writer, editor, and publisher, lauded by TIME Magazine for his ‘exuberant writing’. His non-fiction has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, at CNN, and in many other publications. He’s the author of numerous non-fiction books, including the best-selling “Sacred Skin”. Tom has published four crime fiction novels and he has co-authored several feature documentaries, including The Most Secret Place on Earth, a film on the CIA’s covert war in Laos. For his own publishing house, Crime Wave Press, Asia’s only English language crime fiction imprint, Tom has edited more than 30 titles, some have been optioned for films and translated into Thai and Spanish. Tom has also edited non-fiction books including the recently published Rituals. Killers. Wars. & Sex., the outrageous memoir by veteran Asia correspondent Richard S. Ehrlich.

Portfolio: www.clippings.me/users/tomvater

Henry Roi was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Henry is an editor and publicist. He focuses on promoting talented indie writers – arranging reviews, delivering media campaigns, and running blog tours. His many personal interests include tattoo art, prison reform and automotive mechanics. If you’re not lucky enough to catch him fishing round the Biloxi Lighthouse or teaching boxing in your local gym, he can usually be found on Twitter @HenryRoiPR.