Tom Vater
Tom Vater is a meticulous editor of various writing styles and I was extremely luck that he did an extensive proof read – including grammar corrections and edit suggestions, plus help with chronology & character arrangements -- for my new nonfiction book titled, Rituals. Killers. Wars. & Sex. Simultaneously, Vater exhibited gentle patience during our online back-and-forth discussions concerning elements of style, purpose of the book, potential audiences who would be ideal readers, and other packaging and marketing questions.
Richard S. Ehrlich
Author of Rituals. Killers. Wars. & Sex.
In 2016 Crime Wave Press published my novel The German Messenger. Throughout the entire process of submission, editing, publication, and promotion of my book, I was (and am still) very favourably impressed by the professionalism, courtesy, diligence, and attention to detail demonstrated by Tom Vater and his staff. As a first-time author of fiction (although not of other books), I found that the whole experience was made very positive indeed by Mr Vater's personal engagement in the project.
David Malcolm
Author of The German Messenger
Brian Gruber
Brian Gruber is the acclaimed author of several self-published books and a smart, savvy, big-hearted human. I am grateful to have him challenging me and cheering me on as I am in the process of writing my first book. His support and guidance is much more multi-faceted than I could have anticipated when I signed up for coaching with him. He brings his solid writing credentials and a brilliant marketing mind to the table for sure. But what may be even more precious is his patience, compassion, and emotional support - the embodied advice that can only come from having "been there done that" many times over. If you have a writing project that you want to get out of your head and onto the page, then I highly recommend getting in touch with this guy.
Wendy May
Author of Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work
Brian has been my Jiminy Cricket, helping me finish my first work as an author and artist. He was guiding me all the time, supporting not only the flow of my work, but removing all limitations to realize the finished product. He made the connection for a graphic designer and supervised all aspects of the work. He was with me when I gave a first lecture on my book in front of an audience, and today I can lecture during book festivals with ease. He is enthusiastic, realistic, finds solutions fast, he is reliable, affordable, super communicative, and funny. Working together was a source of immense joy and pleasure that has inspired me to work in this way now. Cannot wait to collaborate again with him from his tropical island Koh Phangan!
Sophie Foucher
Author of Alchemy of Love
Henry Roi
Henry Roi is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 100% genuine and a real friend to have when you find Facebook and Twitter challenging. He's there for you every day, answers any questions and puts in as much work as he commits to - $50-200 a month - or whatever you feel you want to spend. As for value he gets me at least 1000 followers a month, lots of great reviews of Shamus Dust, places articles and interviews in magazines, and manages my posts, tweets and re-tweets. I just wish I'd met Henry earlier.
Janet Roger
Award-winning author of Shamus Dust
Henry Roi is the real deal. He's not only clever but also creative in finding ways to get your book noticed. A Relentless fellow: he never gives up promoting you and your work. Daring too: I'm a translated Belgian/Flemish author with novels that crossover multi-layered between literature and the suspense genre. Enough to give regular PR people to Shivers. Not Henry: he promoted "Return to Hiroshima" with great success.
Bob van Laerhoven
Award-winning author of Return to Hiroshima